X-Meter for electric cabinet

Monitoring and alarms management system


The proper operation of a MV/LV transformer inside an electrical cabinet ensure the user against any failures that could cause production or processing lines to stop and much more.

The X-Meter monitoring and alarms management and electrical factor monitoring system allows:

  • Measurement and logging of the transformer temperature and activation of a local “high transformer temperature pre-alarm”
  • Activate a local “high transformer temperature alarm signal
  • Activate a remote signal (pre-alarm/cabin alarm)
  • Activate a local visual audible alarm
  • Activate the transformer block, opening the MV general transformer power supply switch on the medium voltage cabin panel
  • Measure and log the transformer location temperature and activate local transformer supplementary ventilation (if available)
  • Activate forced ventilation of the transformer cabin
  • Measure and log 60 electrical and harmonic parameters and micro-interruptions of electrical power of 10 ms
  • Send an SMS to predefined numbers of the pre-alarm status or cabin alarm<
  • Send an email to predefined numbers of the cabin alarm status
  • Activate a sequence of non-privileged load shedding (pre-defined by the user) upon reaching the high temperature pre-alarm setting.


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