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System for alarm monitoring and management


In the morning you can often find the DPC Room switched–off and this kind of experience may cause some troubles to the workers. In fact there could be huge damages in addition, the impossibility to be productive may occur.

The main causes may be the following:

    • Damaged UPS
    • Temperature increase beyond acceptable limit of equipment in room
    • Power shortage and no UPS autonomy
    • Fault at the air-conditioning in DPC room
    • Breaker intervention in the main switchboard, due to lighting or line disturbances
    • Magneto-thermal breaker intervention, due to over load or short-circuit
    • Server temperature alarm

The prevention of these problems is impossible but, if we would be able to intervene quickly, we might restore the correct operating conditions and we might eliminate or limit sure damages.


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X-Meter device with 8 inputs manages PT100 probes, temperature and humidity environment sensors. In addition, with GSM modem enabled, the device can be used to forward SMS text messages and e-mails of different alarm conditions.

The X-Meter device meets all these features and also offers:

    • A measuring instrument with 50 true measurements
    • Monitoring function for the general power meter
    • Electrical network analyzer
    • Quality of supply: micro-interruptions and harmonics (optional)
    • Management of diagnostics and alarms, also on electric measurements
    • Storage of temperature and humidity values in EDC environment
    • Timed management of office lights (optional)
    • Data storage about energy consumption (for more information see product sheet)
    • Cost of absorbed power in €
    • Remote reading of the consumption data on the WEB (optional)
    • Connection to corporate Ethernet (optional)
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