Power Factor Correction

The penalty for low Power Factor (cosphi), applied on supply contracts, influences the cost of the Electricity. For this reason, and not only, it’s necessary to re-phase the plants. The power factor correction (PFC) is a system which allows the rational use of the energy, improving the Power Factor of electrical machines, performing important economic savings and considerable technical progresses. The economic profits are as many substantial as the electricity requirement.

The Power Factor Correctors belonging to the series ET-RA and ET-BA (9300/9670/9770) are equipped with inductive barriers and so they are suitable to electrical networks which have High Percentage of Harmonics in current (THDI > 60%) and they represent the more complete and reliable solution for the centralized PFC of the middle and middle-large industrial customers.

The three-phase high-linearity inductances are widely dimensioned and planned with a grains-oriented magnetic block with low losses and with fractionated air gap.

The total reliability of the System is ensured by EPCOS condensers, impregnated with inert gas nitrogen (N2), which are the most advanced components in the area of Condenser technology.

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