Programmable clocks

The activation of preset commands system for daily, weekly, periodic switching on/off management, for different users, satisfies the need to customize at a maximum level your own withdrawal profile, adjusting the consumptions pattern to the real energetic requirement of your own activities.

Coupling to a X-Meter or X-RWU Gold the XM7 function and the optional hardware XM15, programmable-clocks extension is activated. This function allows you to switch on and off each of the four local outputs, according to a weekly criterion fully customizable, in order to solve all the possible requests in the various applicative sectors (commerce, industry, services, etc.).

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It’s possible to set and specify 12 profiles with 8 daily operations differentiated among: weekdays, holidays, special days of the week. In addition to these repetitive periods, you can define up to special periods (to be set with a start and an end-date), and 20 special days during whom you can apply profile of his choice for each load. Special periods and days are applied only for the year in which they are defined, instead weekly rules can be managed forever. During special periods you can define two particular modalities: always-on and always-off.

Also for this occurrence, besides the manual data entry, (as showed on the picture) an Excel application is available. This application allows you to set intuitively various profiles for sending the configuration to X-Meter device.

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