ISO 9001

Quality Management System


Embarking on the path of UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, we set ourselves the concrete and shared goal to ensure each customer the highest commitment to continually increase the level of reliability and effectiveness of the services provided daily by our work team, involving all of our employees in the continuous improvement process.

By adopting a processes approach fto analyze and integrate the activities of different business areas we have raised awareness of the strategic benefits from an appropriately applied  management and control system  at each stage of work, from technological design to administrative tasks. Monitoring and  performance measurement  are now not only core business areas but also opportunities for enhancing the commitment of the individuals regarding the expected qualitative growth of the overall performance in the area. aaaaaa

Taking advantage of the lines drawn by general principles and corporate quality objectives and keeping a careful eye on the changeable needs of a continuously evolving market, we strive to deliver solutions that meet the expectations of our customers, with competitive and highly innovative products that are the result of thorough testing of the functional and security requirements and a careful selection of suppliers &technical partners.

The system that was implemented is an organizational instrument and an indicator of our determination to move forward with integrity and passion in the process of implementing the corporate mission through:

  • The principles that inspire us:         “Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Profitability, Growth”
  • The values that drive us:          “Honesty, Commitment, Availability”
  • The tasks that lie ahead of us:     “Energy Team’s biggest asset is its Customers …it is our duty to understand their present and future needs, satisfy their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations”


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