Beneficial Activities

Padri Somaschi Missions


The relationship between Energy team and Padre Ghezzi it has always been powered by a growing confidence in service activities performed with hopeful determination by “Missionary Communities Somasche”, through Padre Ghezzi – with YOU – we gave our help during these years to the structures building suitable for homeless shelter, care, first instruction, and professional growing of many young people helped in Education Centres created by Padri Missionari in different towns of Central America. In the 18th year of Corporate Activity, many employees of Energy Team gave a contribution for Christmas Donation and also many customers took part in this initiative by answering to the Survey on Customer Satisfaction, in this way they allowed us to set aside additional funds in order to increase the amount: we thank sincerely everybody!




FONDAZIONE MISSIONARIA SOMASCA Onlus – Piazza XXV Aprile 2, 20121 Milan, Phone 02.6592847
Rif. Padre Luigi Ghezzi: Ghezzi Paola Via Brede 14, 24040 Suisio (BG) Phone and fax 035.902288


Franciscan Friars in San Pietroburgo


A favorable circumstance allowed us to discover a lively reality for the support of teenagers in San Pietroburgo which is animated by a zealous Community of Franciscan Friars committed in a courageous educational challenge which turns around the local “Crisis Center for Children”. The Fraternity carries on with different projects, joined by the desire to listen their more or less conscious needs, for example: “Mobile School”, “Diurnal Center”, “After-School”, “Give way to Joy” in order to provide young people support training and material. Thanks to the direct testimony of Brother Stefano Invernizzi – Member of the Russian Community – we thought to give a humble help for Bratiskij Mir (‘Fraternal World’) the group of volunteers that support Fraternity by promoting initiatives aimed to spread the information and fundraising and/or offerings to maintain facilities. So we thank all the Customers that, by answering to our survey on-line about customer satisfaction in 2013, allowed us to produce a small contribution, result of the development of every questionnaire returned. aaaaaaaaa

Here below you can find more information concerning Franciscan activities in San Pietroburgo:
Segretariato Missioni Francescane – Convento Sacro Cuore, Piazza Gentile Mora 1, 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) e-mail: (oppure:

Provincia di Lombardia dei Frati Minori San Carlo Borromeo
Banca Prossima, Ag. 05000 Milano – P.zza P. Ferrari 10, 20121 Milano (MI)
IBAN IT56C0335901600100000062449 SWIFT BCITITMX


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