Company Policy

By the enunciation of principles to which the Management is inspired in general organization choices, we declare the terms which are basic for every action aimed to the achievement of long/medium average purposes and which consist in the commitment to carry out with competence and accuracy its own industrial activity by protecting fundamental rights of people , of the whole community and of environmental protection.

We believe that a real quality of the final product may be reached only through a business relationships ethics which respects peculiar capabilities of the collaborators , the reliability of third people in the provided services, technical requirements and standard reference rules, the needs of equitable economic development and of the sustainable use of renewable energy, that is to say through the satisfaction of all the subjects expressly or indirectly involved in the production process.

For this reason we have introduced a set of functional management systems structured around the following rules:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001 for Quality
  • CEI UNI EN 50001 for efficiency in Energy uses
  • INAIL guidelines (compliant with BS OHASA 18000 standard) for Safety and Health

whereby we give form and structure to our determination to work with availability, competence and organization in order to consolidate the spread of a culture of continuous improvement about single and corporate performances.


Energy Team wants to ensure the respect of all the contractual requirements established according to the customer, which are essential in order to answer to their requests through innovative and effective solutions , also through the application of procedures inherent to the processes of monitoring and development performances, human resources implication, suppliers and materials control, time and conditions of supply delivery, complaints and non–compliance management.

Through the identification of action programs aimed to involve all the people who work in the company, Management promotes at more levels the adherence to operating procedures and individual behaviors compliant with the optimization requirement about energy uses in the companies, for a business development compatible with the purpose of consumptions reduction and consequent restraint of the pollution emissions, by improving plants and processes and by encouraging the spread of good practices.

ET Energy Policy

Considering an essential element for the effective and ordered pursuit of its objectives , health and safety conservation of workers and of third interacting people , for the execution of activities subject to potential risks, the company promotes all the preventive measurements which aims are to limit their impact, use of suitable devices, respect of the compliance with current rules dealing with this subject and the standard maintenance of specific training suitable for the reference tasks. Through the decision to undertake such voluntary certification paths, which are faced with a due investment of human, organizational, economic and instrumental resources, to achieve their execution, Energy Team SpA introduces itself as technologic partner of absolute reliability , steadily engaged in continuous improvement of its commercial offer quality.

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