Awareness is Involvement


Providing employees with ideas on good practices which can be implemented in a firm often implies the reinforcement of the improvement project bases around which we mind to build its own system of management optimization, significantly increasing chances to pursuit all the efficiency objectives identified by the management.

The involvement of “internal users” in strategic choices made in energy consumptions field for environmental conservation, invites people to change their praxis and habits and this is sometimes essential for the improvement of the total performances organization, whose variable influence/weight concretely affects the rank of major or minor structural impact of the measures adopted by the company.

A detailed communication about resources use data, training and information initiatives concerning strictly operational measures , promotion of simple rules of virtuous conduct, may be useful incentives to lead to a better understanding of their own role and to stimulate a profitable people identification with the group objectives, by activating a real sharing


of purposes on the need to achieve economies through their best investment.

The awareness to the assumption of a direct responsibility for a rational energy use is an individual emotional investment, essential to promote a series of ‘sustainable’ behaviors which are sometimes unexpected.

A proactivity developed from the perception of membership to the context in which you work and of adherence to the values commonly supported by the society, from which the firm is not able to leave out of consideration, without pay the burden of the consequent less effectiveness of all the implemented procedural and technological improvements.

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