Evolving Company

A company that is constantly growing and developing


Founded in 1996 as an enterprise partnership between young professionals in the energy sector who with their intuition and passion believed in a company project capable of developing and providing efficient solutions for the effective use of resources, Energy Team has never stopped growing in both size and ideas. It offers tools to monitor consumption and contain supply costs already in over 9,000 manufacturing sites in Italy and to those who are embarking on the path to efficiency for the first time.

Meeting the needs of operators in all sectors, from large industry to the high value-added service industry, means facing clear and diverse consumption problems along with seeking energy efficiency that is able to combine economic growth and environmentally sustainable development. A comprehensive view of the national manufacturing situation has allowed us to gain experience and consolidate our skills in every area (from electricity to natural gas, thermal to water and compressed air, etc.) and to grow along with our customers and for our customers.

From the technical and commercial relationships developed over the years with major energy Suppliers and Distributors on one hand and large industrial groups and/or consortia on the other, we have given shape and functionality to the most advanced applications for monitoring, detecting and managing data. Thanks to the synergistic collaborations we started with authoritative Research Centres, we provided efficiency and reliability that favoured their further expansion.

Products that were entirely designed and created in Italy are distributed by Energy Team through its own sales network. We have recently begun introducing these products in various foreign markets, accepting with renewed passion the challenge to export quality Italian technological innovation.

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