Electrical network analyzer 96×96 Colors, Chart, Touch Screen, with Rogowski coil

X-Meter 96C

Electrical Network Analyzer for switchboard Color Display Touchscreen.

It supports all methods of measurement Existing Currents

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  • Bi-directional meter (Imported/delivered energy)
  • 50 Measurements in true value (RMS) on 4 quadrants
  • The case 96×96 can be embedded on Standard panel, depth:65 mm (80 mm including modules ).
  • Graphic display: 3.5” LCD TFT, 320x240pixel, 262k colors, with resistive touchscreen, for a clear and readable displaying of measurements.
  • Graphic displaying of voltage, Current, Power and COSφ of last 3 days.
  • 12 Power Totalizers on 4 quadrants that can be set to zero through request of confirmation
  • Indication in € for absorbed and delivered Energy
  • Software TA and TV inversion function
  • Temperature probe inside the instrument
  • Clock and calendar
  • Optional module provided by 4 Open-collector Inputs and 2 Cleancontact Outputs, Optomos ( with independent references mass)
  • Different current measurement modules available:
    • with 5A TA
    • with Rogowski probe, range of measurement: from 10 to 2000 A, Ø 100 mm
    • with 1V TA Calmp ON, Øint: 24 mm, until 200A
  • Serial port: RS485
  • Protocol: Modbus and ETPRO.


Optional modules currently available

    • Module for Current measurement 5A max (through TA)
    • Module for Current measurement 125÷2000A (through Rogowski probe)
    • Module for Current measurement TA 1V, Clamp ON
    • Module I/O: 4 Open-collector Inputs + 2 Optomos Outputs (clean contact), with independent references mass


Available Options


Currents Measurement Module: 3 inputs max 5A for current transformers connection..  
Currents Measurement Module for Rogowski probes connection: range 125-250-500-1000-2000A selectable through keyboard, measurement chain accuracy (analyzer + Rogowski probe): class 1.  
Currents Measurement Module for 3 Split Core Current Transformers connection diameter 24mm with output 1V and with fix range from 25 to 200A, measurement chain accuracy (analyzer + probe): class 1.  
I/O Module 4 – open collector active inputs for clean contacts + 2 Optomos outputs 24Vac or dc max 100mA, with independent ground references.  
For interfacing the device to Es3 software it’s necessary to enable this function. This option allows a considerable increase in the storage capacity, thus allowing the device to record all the measured values by the instrument and to extend the memory capacity of the recordable days, up to a historical archive of 250 days (Integration time of 15’ for the following values: line voltage and phase voltage, three-phase line current, three-phase active power, three-phase reactive power, three-phase power factor). In addition, by enabling the communication port RS485 through which it is possible to use Personal Computer by means of BRIDGE module (not included), it is possible to connect a series of Energy Team’s devices.



The conversion module Bridge 232/485 with 230Vac in 4 DIN module container, can be used to convert the 485 signal coming from the X-Meter into serial 232, to the communication port of Personal Computer. It’s also available the version USB/485. This module allows to convert 485 signal coming from X-Meter into USB communication port of Personal Computer. Galvanic insulation of USB connection ensures the maximum protection to Personal Computer against noise, interferences and overvoltage from the field. Designed with industrial features. There’s no need to provide a bulky external power supply because it is self-powered. It’s a unique instrument in this field.


Module for harmonics measurement; it allows to enable measurement and storage function for the same ones up to the 25th.


The firmware module “programmable clocks with perpetual annual calendar” allows to enable Nr. 4 Optomos outputs of X-Meter DIN for the automatic control function to switch specific utilities on and off (controllable loads, ex: lights, motors, fans, etc.). It is possible programming up to 12 daily profiles + 2 special periods + 20 special days on each X-Meter. Each profile defines 8 changes in state within the 24 hours/day for each of 4 associated loads. It’s possible to connect up to 128 X-Meter for a total of 512 controllable loads. The use it is possible only with XM1 function enabled.


It allows to interface voltage or current signals coming from the field to X-Meter device’s inputs, and it makes possible displaying and storing of measured values.


It allows to interface temperature probes PT100, PT500 and PT1000, to X-Meter’s inputs. In addition it allows displaying and storage of detected temperatures.


It allows to get the room temperature (range -10°C +65°C ±1,5°C and to transfer it to X-Meter’s inputs, it makes possible displaying and storage of detected temperatures.


It allows to acquire the room temperature and humidity and to transfer it to X-Meter’s inputs, allowing the displaying and storage of detected temperatures and humidity.
It allows to record the voltage gaps and peaks with a resolution of 10 ms. It is also available the measurement and the recording the 25th harmonic, both on voltages and currents. It’s also possible to enable a local alarm, previously set, that warns when the event occurs.


It’s useful to use 4 outputs for driving standard loads inserted in 230Vac single-phase net.


It is a very small uninterruptible group, in a 6 Din modules case, with modern batteries (lithium polymer), dedicated to supply apparatus X-Meter to a maximum of 4hours.


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