Accessories X-Meter, X-RWU

USB converter 485 (XM2-B Bridge USB-RS485)

GSM / GPRS Module (XM4)

Ethernet Network Module (XM5)

DIN module for analog signal acquisition (XM8)

DIN module for temperatures acquisition from PT100 / 500/1000 probes (XM9)

Thermoresistance PT100 for internal

Room temperature module (XM10)

Room temperature and humidity module (XM11)

Relay module interface loads (XM15)

Micro UPS for X-Meter (XM UPS)

Converter DC / DC voltage “Step-up” (XMP 20/50 Vdc)

Photoreceiver (Cyclops)

Module for pulse radio-transmission and recording

Radio receiving module GSL-C

Panel temperature probe

External ambient temperature probe

12 Vdc Power Supplier

Antenna compact directional

Short-circuitable terminal board

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