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Energy management and monitoring software

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Your energy data online, anywhere, simple.

Access your energy data anytime you need to with Energy Sentinel Web.

The application server, with its user-friendly web pages, allows simple and intuitive data analysis on all acquired data guaranteeing extreme reliability and data security. Rely on Energy Sentinel Web for a complete plant control and Energy Management system.

Energy Sentinel Web is designed to be multi-user and multi-site and has the following functions:

  • Display data on the Web with any browser(Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox);
  • Check the stored data by accessing anytime with private User-ID and Password, without installing additional programs;
  • Configure multiple accounts (Admin, User, etc.);
  • Data management from several devices, even far from each other;
  • The versatility of the platform allows integration of other manufacturers devices and instruments through the implementation of their system protocol;
  • The consultation interface is optimized for IPad and tablets.

Energy Sentinel Web with its simple and intuitive graphic interface allows to:

  • Create and compare charts, histograms and diagrams;
  • Compare data with different full-scale values;
  • Create mathematical modules to create virtual channels;
  • Display real time data with dedicated synoptic pages;
  • Display fully configurable graphs;
  • Display periods summaries;
  • Visualise consumptions and costs in band diagrams;
  • Display a set period’s historical data in linear/piles diagrams with the aid of four vertical axis;
  • Export data in CVS format for Excel charts;
  • Create and set groups and subgroups of data coming from the various monitored systems (unlimited number of levels);
  • Set alarm thresholds, sending SMS and emails should the values exceed;
  • Set and display the tariff;
  • Set alarms for contacts closing and opening or threshold values with hysteresis.

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