NG-IO – Digital Input/Output remote module


The ideal device to acquire status from the field, pulses from every meter and manage programmed switching ON and OFF of every kind of load both in civil, industrial and service sectors

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NG Family

NG-9/96 - Three Multifunction meters in only 1 device
NG-9 – 9 measured lines in a single device
NG-Gateway – Gateway to collect, store and send data to Server
NG-TH169 - Room Temperature and Humidity 169MHz radio sensor
NG-W169 - 169MHz Radio Receiving module
NG-Rio - Loads’ remote control
NG-IoT - RS-485/Wi-Fi Transparent Converter
NG-IO - Digital Input/Output remote module



  • A detailed display allows reading all measured parameters as well as specific diagnostic ones for a correct device setting
  • The 5 functions jog button allows local setting, checking or editing of all parameters with no need for any connected PC’s
  • NG-IO is equipped with an internal power pack that can be used with both AC (80-240 Vac) and DC (24-120 Vdc) without extra settings
  • The connectors are all screw terminals and are removable for ease of wiring and replacement
  • NG-IO measures, 1000 times per second, the resistance of all contacts wired on its 8 inputs. Unlike classical optoisolated inputs, this technology allows discriminating ON-OFF status as well as alarms for cut wires or shortcircuit or NAMUR passive circuits status (<1 Kohm and > 8 Kohm)
  • NG-IO measures and shows on the display pulses’ intervals and durations thus allowing a quick check directly on the field and easy setting of a debounce filter.
  • Using NG-IO as pulses’ counter will give you an overall meter and 4 partial ones that can be individually activated and set for a simpler pricing periods management
  • It is possible, for each Input, to specify its offset and variable gradient as well as pulses’ weight (unit/pulse or pulses/unit), if dealing with meters. Read, via Modbus, instant and integrated values of the monitored quantity or pulses’ pure number
  • There is a specific function for machinery monitoring, to measure its actual running times and utilisation percentage over time and use the data to plan correct maintenance activities
  • 4 optomos non polarised Outputs, with infinite actuation cycles, can be used as static control, command with self-return (monostable) or 0 to 5 Hz settable frequency generator.


Technical Features

  • AC Power supply: 90-250 Vac 50/60 HZ
  • DC Power supply: DC: 24-120 Vdc
  • Consumption: 1.5 VA max (AC) or 1.5 W max (DC)
  • Dimension: 5 DIN modules (88x90x60 mm)
  • Weight: 95 grams
  • Display: 128×64 pixel graphic with RGB LED background
  • Communication Interface: RS isolated with RTU Modbus protocol with selectable speed up to 115200 bps with programmable parity
  • Working temperature: between -10°C and +55°C
  • Inputs: 8 active Inputs with 8 Vdc that can be interfaced with NAMUR contacts with 5Hz max Frequency
  • Outputs: 4×24 Vdc Max and 100 mA optomos Outputs

NG Family

NG-9 – 9 measured lines in a single device

NG-Gateway – Gateway to collect, store and send data to Server

NG-TH169 – Room Temperature and Humidity 169MHz radio sensor

NG-W169 – 169MHz Radio Receiving module

NG-IoT – RS-485/Wi-Fi Transparent Converter


Correlated Products


Management and Control Software Energy Sentinel Web .

Energy Sentinel WEB is an application Server which allows you to get an access via remote to acquired data and to analyze them, through simple and intuitive WEB pages. The use of this WEB application on a Server makes possible the best security concerning the availability and reliability of the system, allowing also a plant control to the highest performance of energy efficiency (KPI).

Our SW is in constantly evolving, with frequent updates adding new features to the platform. The dealing with the software with every kind of instrument, meter or device, allows you to avoid HW replacement in existing plants. ISO 50001 certified companies, system integrators, energy managers, energy consulting firms and ESCO can take significant advantages by using the platform.

The software, was born to be multi-user and multi-site, and it allows the following functions:

    • Displaying data on the Web, using the standard http protocol through any browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox). Possibility to enable the encryption of the connection through https protocol
    • Checking the stored data by accessing anytime through any Web point, thanks to User-ID and a Password, without installing additional programs
    • Configuring entirely the access to data on the Web, setting for each user the access mode to various areas
    • Manage the data from many devices geographically far from each other.
    • The platform versatility allows you to integrate devices and instruments “from third people” by means of their system protocol.
    • The Consultation Interface is also optimized for I-pad and Tablet.

Through its graphical interface, simple and intuitive, it’s also possible to:

    • Realize and compare graphics, histograms and diagrams
    • Advanced data displaying with graphics such as Carpet Plot, Scatter Plot and Periods Comparison
    • Compare data with different full-scale among them
    • Customizable Dashboard
    • Reports creation with the possibility of sending automatic emails
    • Create of mathematical modules to open virtual channels
    • Display fully configurable real-time data
    • Display fully configurable graphics
    • Display summaries of period
    • Share of the consumptions in bands
    • Set the type of fields you want to see: histograms, linear graphics, flow charts, etc.
    • Display historical data on a freely-selectable time interval, as a line graphic or column diagram, showed with two vertical axes
    • Arrange data in tables
    • Export data as CSV format for Excel
    • Set and create groups and subgroups for data coming from the controlled plants (unlimited number of levels)
    • Set alarm thresholds, with possibility to send SMS and e-mail if the threshold values set are exceeded
    • Set and display of the tariff
    • Alarms on closing and opening contacts and thresholds with hysteresis


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