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Privacy Policy and Data Management Services Subjects with functions of System Administrator


This document contains the main features and proceedings which are introduced in the web site [] concerning the discipline about processing of personal data of users who get in for free consultation or who go into the reserved area. So this represents a further and peculiar INFORMATION made to the people who is interacting with the Company – also pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Law referred to personal data protection” – regarding the preservation of personal information transmitted and accessible electronically, and concerning the management of consumptions data which have been elaborated.

Energy Team is aware of the importance to apply the discipline concerning safety and restraint protection of the users which get into the functions of the web site, and it complies with the principles recognized by Italian law- with particular regard to the Legislative Decree 196/03 – and by the main current legislation. This Privacy information complies with the considerable activities and with measures introduced to ensure proper management of personal data by third people which are accessible during the consultation and the utilization of the functions offered by Internet; this information is referred only to this specific web site, excluding in this way each further web site which can be possibly be achieved and consulted by the user through the links contained in the current document.

1. The Holder of processing


Pursuant to the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and according to the above mentioned goals, Energy Team Spa – located in via della Repubblica, 9 in Trezzano S/N – 20090 – MI – Italy- represents the holder of processing referred to identified or identifiable people who can get into the current web pages.

People responsible for single processing, useful for the activation of particular options and/or services, can be identified by the holder as references for their right management; anyway employers and collaborators which could deal with reserved personal data – collected and stored by Energy Team by reason of the activities which have been done – are closely bound to protect confidentiality from undue logins and diffusions or communications which are not allowed.

Physical subjects are responsible for the management of Portal Web Data Management Services with the assignment by System Administrators, whose references could be expressly required to the Company. For any further information, any kind of suggestion and/or requirement, the users who are interested can keep in contact with the Processing Holder by e-mail [], fax [02.48405035] or by registered letter to the above mentioned address.

2. Place of processing


The processing of data managed for connections to the current web area is made by a specific and qualified technical and administrative staff in our offices. There could be a partial sharing of detected information for the portal functions use, which are due to required particular skills of computerized operations , or due to performance of specific processions connected to the same services, or in order to increase qualitatively the standard of the offered performances, and this happens only for commissioned subjects which have been charged by Energy Team with explicit constraint to apply the same protection warranties of their privacy and safety ensured by Energy Team. No data will be freely available to third parties, except cases expressly provided by the application of regulations in force or by the need to interrupt or avoid unlawful conduct. Out of the above mentioned cases the sharing of processed data with other third subjects could be made only after Your prior express consent.

3. Type of data processed


3.1 Navigation Data. Information systems and software procedures aimed to make the site working, they acquire automatically, during their normal exercise, some personal neutral data, whose transmission is implied in the use of communication protocols in Internet. Such technical data – among which: IP addresses or Domain Names of the computer used by customers who make connections, notation addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required resources, date and time of the request, method used to submit the request to the Server, file dimension got during the answer, numeric status codes of the Server answer, browser language, parameters referred to the operative system, etc.. – if properly processed can lead to the identification of computer source from which they come, allowing in this way their association to a specific utility. The information obtainable in this way it could be used only for the performance of anonymous statistical analysis on the site access and to improve services, except potential wrong behaviors; their conservation does not exceed the time allowed by existing legislations.


3.2 Cookies. The login to the web area originates sending in the PC of the user, of one or more cookies (reduced text files containing a character string referred to the use of web site) which don’t reveal any unique identification information; the current procedures don’t use temporary or permanent cookies to get reserved information referred to the customer, and they don’t use systems for the tracking of the same ones. The use of session cookies (which are not stored continuously on the user’s pc and that disappear when the browser is closed) is limited only to the transmission of the data necessary to ensure a safe and effective exploration of the site, avoiding the use of other information techniques which can be damaging for the discretion of the users navigation. It’s possible to reconfigure your browser to stop cookies coming from the visited web sites. We inform you that the disabling cookies may cause the failed access to some skills of the Portal.


3.3 User’s data. The activation of an account to login the reserved area, as well as the distributions of services available on the web site, requires the subscription of a contract, which has to be done also through a communication of the identification data of the user that needs to be started up. The Customer who needs these services, agrees voluntarily to their communication, on the contrary, there could be difficulties to get required services. The optional transmission, explicit and voluntary, of the e-mail and registration password, involves necessary acquisition and management about the identification address of the sender and of every related information. If the supplied data would be used for further analysis and for specific notifications, in order to get an optimal performance about Custom services, their processing will be made according to the proceedings described in the distinct information pursuant the law of activation about that specific service, for the performance of all the operations of customer interest. The data communicated could be used by Energy Team SPA, also in order to send periodically e-mails containing commercial communications, information services, promotions, etc. User can ask any time to stop this kind of communications, demanding the cancellation from the lists; however we remind you that the messages are important in order to get the best management about support and maintenance services, improvement of the offered services and for the evasion of the orders.It’s always excluded the processing of sensitive and judicial data, that they will be deleted with a previous communication.

4. Specific Purpose for management of Data from “smart-meter”


4.1 Energy Team notices that during the activities of telemetering, elaboration, web publication and storage of energy consumption index referred to subjects different from physical person (society, entity, organizations, etc) it’s used a form of data processing which may condition the their privacy right, this concerns in a particular way potential monitoring of consumption habits (sources, entities, cycles, peaks, etc ) and, ultimately, it concerns potential identification of operating procedures implemented by the Company, used by third parties in order to develop possible business strategies. The observation of critical situations, led to 3 possible attention areas, related to the warranties mentioned in points 3 and 5, which are better defined and managed as it follows.


4.2 Data Acquisition. The performance of Telemetering and Publication daily services involves the transmission via network of consumption information from the detection point (datalogger, meter, pc-box etc. ) to the elaboration Data center and from this one to the publishing platform, with exposure of the same ones to interfering risks from third parties in relation to their undue interception, destruction or damage; their management is made with the support of information/telematics devices, or if necessary for the Service execution, with manual procedures (for example paper support) for the time necessary to get the goals for which data have been collected: their processing complies with current legislations according to the protections systems of information communications, and according to specific safety measures to prevent contamination, loss, unauthorized logins and data misuse.

4.3 Use of data. Energy Team ensures that data – acquired directly by the customer or indirectly, by its supply – will be used only for the proper execution of the Services which have been started – up by the Customer, with express commitment of non-disclosure, confidentiality and conservation according to the above mentioned modes of privacy and, for a maximum period of 12 months, concerning the storage.


4.4 Data Access. By giving the credentials login to enter the reserved area on the web site to the referent suggested by the Customer, Energy Team can transfer the responsibility to check if the access to the web site to consult published data is made only by the authorized staff, making available a procedure which allows to stop immediately logins / password cancellation, after a formal request aimed to interrupt presumed infringements.

5. Mode of processing


Personal data, in transit or acquired by Energy Team Spa, are processed by current legislation through automated information instruments and safety protocols (HTTPS and SSL), only for the period useful to get the goals for which they have been collected and with the application of the best privacy measures, from abuses and/or non-compliant and prevention of their loss or unnecessary disclosure. The access to archives in which they are stored, is limited only to the staff dedicated and authorized to their use according to the service which have to be supplied. Such subjects are bounded to the Company, owner of the processing from obligations of confidentiality and accuracy, and they are submitted to eventual disciplinary and sanctioning actions if wrong behaviors should arise against themselves.

6. Right of interested parties


Subjects interested to the their own personal data processing, they can at any time exercise the rights guaranteed by article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03 and in particular they have the right to know if the data exist or not, to know their content, to check their accuracy and to ask for their correction, integration or updating: users can also get the transformation in anonymous form, the block and cancellation about all personal information which has been acquired, stored and/or managed against the rules in force and they can oppose themselves for legitimate reasons to their processing. Thanks to the right of withdrawal from the services which have been started-up with Energy Team Spa , User will have finally the right to ask for total cancellation of all the supplied data. The Company agrees to be responsible about the right processing of the acquired information, by declining any charge concerning failed adjustments due to the absence or non – compliance about the communications of the User, whose sole duty is to make all the data updated, completed and corrected. All the requirements and instances must be sent to the addresses mentioned in point 1.

7. Concluding remarks


Energy Team processes personal data of Users only for the usual purposes for which they have been detected, pursuant to the rules in force about privacy policy, for the right period and determined by the type of service offered. The procedures for detection, storage and elaboration which have been introduced have to be kept effective and profitable, in order to ensure the processing, and the most suitable processing, of the data useful to improve the skills proposed by the Portal. Energy Team will give public notice about any kind of change regarding current Privacy Policy, in the web site, to allow Users the most wide clearness and the most fast information. If this would imply substantial changes concerning t purposes, use and distribution, to the type of collected data, the company provides to the Users effective tools for renewal/refuse of the consent to their new processing.

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