Our Solutions for corporate energy monitoring

Our Solutions
for corporate energy monitoring

Efficient and careful energy management allows businesses to save on electricity and gas bills through measures targeted at optimising consumption and avoiding wastage.  The first step towards better informed energy usage is via energy monitoring.


What benefits does energy monitoring offer?

A monitoring system makes it possible to quantify and control energy performance, identifying opportunities for improvement and therefore:

  • Rationalising energy consumption whilst maintaining services levels
  • Generating savings on bills
  • Gaining access to economic incentives such as White Certificates

The first step towards energy efficiency

Defining a suitable monitoring plan is an essential first step on a virtuous pathway targeted at continuous and progressive improvement of energy efficiency.

Energy Team has been a leader in the monitoring of energy consumption for more than 25 years, guaranteeing industrial and tertiary-sector customers clear-cut, tangible results in terms of energy and costs. This is achieved through a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions for the acquisition and management of energy data.


The Energy Team monitoring model

Tailor made service


Energy audit.
Analysis and data acquisition of consumption, level of efficiency of the loads with respect to production, of the least performing machinery.

Identification of possible efficiency actions on systems and machines.


Energy monitoring plan.
Company audit for delineation of the internal consumption flow and the distribution among the different loads.

Identification of the best energy monitoring architecture for the customer.


Value Generation / Improvements.
Sub-metering dedicated to analysing performance improvements and reporting on the generated efficiency for each implemented intervention.

Monitoring of the effectiveness of the interventions and minimisation of the payback time.