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Our offer of hardware and software solutions includes all the experience in the design and production of instruments for energy monitoring for both industrial and tertiary sector companies. Our network analysers, dataloggers and sensors for energy data acquisition will collect valuable information for the energy management of your plants or sites, while the advanced consumption monitoring and load control software will give you a precise energy analysis.

Our consumption monitoring solutions to collect, store and analyse data lets you understand the energy efficiency level of your company and the actions to be taken to improve it and take the road towards a better sustainability of your plants and your business.

With our selection of products for the monitoring of energy production, you will be able to optimize the use for your energy generation systems, increase the efficiency of your company and check the performance of the energy production processes.

Thanks to our network management systems, you will discover the considerable advantages that come from flexibility in the use of infrastructures and energy resources. Data acquisition, sharing and monitoring to respond to peaks in electricity supply or demand for a more sustainable use of resources, with a positive impact on your business.

Energy Team is by your side with many solutions to allow you to take advantage of all the opportunities that the energy transition we are facing offers: are you ready?



The intervention model

Tailor made service


Energy audit.
Analysis and data acquisition of consumption, level of efficiency of the loads with respect to production, of the least performing machinery.

Identification of possible efficiency actions on systems and machines.


Energy monitoring plan.
Company audit for delineation of the internal consumption flow and the distribution among the different loads.

Identification of the best energy monitoring architecture for the customer.


Value Generation / Improvements.
Sub-metering dedicated to analysing performance improvements and reporting on the generated efficiency for each implemented intervention.

Monitoring of the effectiveness of the interventions and minimisation of the payback time.