Big-data analysis and Data Science

Big-data analysis
and Data Science

Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence

Thanks to Energy Team Data Scientists, our customers can make the most of all the information generated by the company.

The service consists of an analysis of all the parameters that influence the energy performance of the system of interest, such as: energy consumed, production data, environmental and management parameters characteristic of the process.

In some cases, a simple “photograph” of the energy performance may not be sufficient to identify the causes of a possible inefficiency: it is therefore necessary to investigate in greater detail all the aspects of the analysed process, starting from the production logics if we are talking about a production process.

The analysis itself is divided into two phases: the first seeks to identify and visualise potential inefficiencies, the second aims to quantify them in energy and economic terms, proposing any interventions, calculating their potential benefits and ascertaining the improvement of the values over time. The output in this case consists of a series of personalised reports in terms of timing (usually quarterly) and content, and are all presented to the customer during the recursive visits included in the service.