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Nadara exists to build a better future for all by powering people’s everyday lives with care. We develop, design, construct and operate onshore wind farms, solar PV plants, floating offshore wind farms and energy storage facilities globally.
Sustainability is part of our DNA, reaching far beyond the traditional understanding of the term. For us, sustainability means creating shared value for all of our stakeholders, safeguarding and enhancing the environment in which we operate and building relationships with our communities. Redistributing the value created in our energy plants is at the heart of every action.

As responsible pioneers in the renewable energy sector, we have a strong track record of providing specialised services and expertise at all stages of the value chain. From production to consumption, we provide technical advisory, asset management and energy management services to clients and these activities span 40 countries.
Our commitment to delivering innovative sustainable solutions through integrated renewables is our north star.

We believe that the only energy is clean energy.

Not satisfied with being merely a producer, we actively participate in shaping the global energy transition, working together with the industry every step of the way in developing new, better results.

For the future of people and our planet.

International presence

Nadara has delivered renewable energy since 2002. Our plants span the United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden, with a total capacity of 4.2 MW in operation.