Organisation and professionalswith proven and certified skills

Organisation and professionals
with proven and certified skills

Those who choose Energy Team can count on a valuable partner, as demonstrated by the numerous certifications obtained by the company. The guarantee of excellence of the company know-how extends to the people who constitute its true strength: in addition to the company as a whole, the Energy Team professionals have also obtained important certifications.


The company certifications:

ISO 9001

The UNI EN ISO 9001 qualification is a guarantee of the highest level of reliability. All operational activities are monitored and controlled to ensure constant quality growth while the careful selection of collaborators allows to deliver effective solutions, always meeting expectations.


ISO 50001

Energy Team’s energy management system has been certified according to ISO 50001 standards since 2012. This certification, in line with the organisational management systems, also aims to seek constant quality improvement and to transfer the principles of systemic energy management to customers with the assumption of continuous improvement.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 certification confirms the values underlying a business strategy based on the principles of growth, quality, customer satisfaction and business sustainability, both in economic terms and in respect of the environment and natural resources.


UNI CEI 11352

The UNI CEI 11352 certification for Energy Service Companies (ESCo) guarantees the use of standardised and effective procedures to offer the necessary support for energy efficiency projects. The certification also enables working in the public administration sector.



The professionals’ certifications:

EGE certified by ICIM

Certification of the Experts in Energy Management guarantees their professionalism, the ability to conduct energy diagnoses aimed at energy efficiency and, above all, testifies to their experience.


CMVP certified by EVO

The CMVP’s (Certified Measurement & Verification Professional) of Energy Team belong to the restricted circle of professionals certified by the international organisation that aims to encourage the development and implementation of energy efficiency processes worldwide.


Auditor certified by ICIM

The auditors of the Integrated Management Systems of Energy Team are perfectly able to provide the customer with the complete implementation of ISO 50001 energy management and ISO 14001 environment systems, both as classical consultancy projects, and on-the-job resources training.


Our partners

Our experience brought us very close to associations and organisations whose aim is to spread awareness on a more rational use of all energy resources and promote all good practice leading to energy efficiency.