Gas-intensive: the decree for the companies

Gas-intensive: the decree for the companies

With natural gas prices reaching record levels in the last months of 2021 and showing no signs of stabilizing, Decree no. 541 of 21 December 2021 of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MiTE) which establishes the parameters for the definition of a gas-intensive business, for significant reductions in the bill.

According to the text of the Decree, starting from April 1, businesses will be able to benefit from a new relief in their bills on some charges.
Energy Team’s experience in consulting to production companies can provide the right support to companies that undertake the registration process: from verifying the requirements to obtaining the benefits.

What are the parameters for gas-intensive companies?

  • Average consumption of at least 1 GWh / year or 94,582 Sm3 / year (assuming PCS natural gas = 10.57275 kWh / Sm3)
  • Sector of activity with the ATECO code among those listed in the annex to the Decree itself
  • Positive gas-intensity index determined, in relation to the VAL, not less than 20%
  • As an alternative to the GVA, positive gas-consuming intensity index determined, in relation to turnover above 2%

Companies with these requirements will be able to benefit from reductions in the bill of fees relating to the RE_TIG and RE_IG components: charges in the bill for incentives for renewable sources.

Although it is still necessary to await the publication of some more definitive resolutions by ARERA, as well as the publication of the dedicated portal by the CSEA in order to have the benefit fully operational, it is already possible to proceed with the collection of data for the verification of eligibility for concessions.
The subject is new and complex and relying on a trained professional that are able to carry out the necessary analyses and correctly manage the process is fundamental in this phase

Energy Team will carry out (free of charge) the calculation to verify the possession of the requirements and then support companies in the accreditation process on the telematic system.

How to access the concessions for gas-intensive companies?

To have the guarantee of access to the concessions provided for gas-eating companies, it will be necessary to comply with Legislative Decree 102/14 which provides:

  • ISO 50001:2018 active certification


  • Carrying out an energy audit compliant with ENEA guidelines
  • The execution of at least one efficiency intervention among those proposed in the energy audit phase

Energy Team is an experienced and reliable partner that guarantees your company the necessary support all along the way

  • Verification of requirements
  • Filing the application
  • Conforming by performing an energy audit