25 years in 25 seconds

25 years in 25 seconds

Milan, March 2021. 25 years since its founding, Energy Team celebrates this important milestone looking back at its origins. The company was founded on the intuition of seven friends looking for efficiency and innovative energy solutions for a market with strong growth. They recognised that resources are not unlimited and whilst it is important to produce energy in a more intelligent way, even more fundamental is to avoid wasting it. Over these 25 years, the founders of Energy Team have always been inspired by the knowledge that they can make a difference, helping Italian production businesses to become more sustainable.


Starting with energy-monitoring tools, the Energy Team range now includes many different consulting services for energy efficiency and most recently the latest-generation software platform launched in 2020, called CloE. Energy Team marks its 25th anniversary and the seven founders have accepted the challenge to celebrate this Italian success story rooted in commitment, passion and dedication, in just 25 seconds. Through brief interview, Luigi Galli, Andrea Vassalli, Maurizio Bianchi, Daniele Bertani, Luciano Telli, Stefano Ferrario and Roberto Rocchi tell the story of how the company has evolved, reflecting on challenges faced and milestones reached

Did they meet the challenge?

The interviews

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The initiative to celebrate 25 years of Energy Team

This year, Energy Team has 25 candles to blow out and we have decided to celebrate this important milestone with the people that created the business: the seven founders give a series of brief interviews that tell the story of the company from 1996 to the present day, reflecting on successes achieved through commitment, dedication and passion.

Luigi Galli | CEO

Energy efficiency and carbon footprint

Since the beginning, we were driven by the desire to make a difference through energy-efficiency solutions. It was our aim, and still is, to help Italian companies to limit energy wastage, increase the efficiency of systems and boost investment in core business activity. So far, our customers have saved more than 400 GWh of electricity and we plan to offer increasingly sustainable solutions, including our carbon footprint service.

Andrea Vassalli | Key Account Manager

Peak Shaving and analysis of energy vectors

We have always been a leader in Italy for the management of electrical loads. We began by measuring the electrical load of each industrial and tertiary-sector company with mandatory GME meters, and we continue to do so through peak shaving. For optimal analysis of consumption, we have also developed next-generation grid-analysers with a built-in memory, programmable inputs and outputs, and built-in communications modules. We can now cover analysis of all energy vectors.

Maurizio Bianchi | Head of R&D

CloE and energy monitoring

The development of new products and systems is fundamental to keep up with the times. As an example, our most recent offering is CloE, a smart software platform that pools all our 25 years of experience in energy monitoring and data analysis and transforms it into a toolbox packed with applications and functionality. CloE is an invaluable resource for company figures wishing to optimise their enterprise and adopt more sustainable approaches.

Daniele Bertani | Head of Operations

Interruptibility, demand response and UVAM

It all began with seven of us and one dream: to launch a business that allowed us to express ourselves. We now have a staff of 100 professionals and we all share the same enthusiasm. Our Group boasts professionals with specific expertise working to bring ambitious projects to life. Many of them have grown and developed their career actively involved in the achievement of company goals. The market has also opened up new opportunities for us: interruptibility, demand response and UVAM.

Luciano Telli | Key Account Manager

Servizi di consulenza integrati con il Gruppo Falck

Integrated consulting services with the Falck Group Since 1996, the year of Energy Team’s founding, the world of energy has changed enormously, but we have been able to meet the challenge. This is because we have expertise in all energy fields, because our business is based on real needs and because we do not focus on ‘what we want to sell’ but what our customers actually require. In terms of consulting, we are unbeatable and any gaps in our range are comprehensively covered by our partners and by the Falck Group, which we are part of.

Stefano Ferrario | Technical support

Technical assistance and customer care

Energy Team technical assistance is unrivalled, offering extremely fast response times and meticulous planning of work.
Working closely with our customers over these 25 years, we have had the opportunity to engage directly with businesses and become their go-to partner. We have been able to take care of our customers and satisfy their needs, not only in terms of products but also in terms of assistance.

Roberto Rocchi | Head of Sales

Energy monitoring and market overview

“Measure. Monitor. Move forward”: this has always been our motto, ever since our beginnings back in 1996. This principle is supported by ENEA, which issued Decree 102 in 2014 making it mandatory for energy-intensive companies to monitor their energy withdrawals to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. Over the last 25 years the group has grown and so has our customer base. We currently have more than 6,000 clients, with over 15,000 sites monitored and over 60% of the interruptibility under our management.